All dances are held at the Cumberland United Methodist Church located at

219 North Muessing Street in

Cumberland, IN 46229


All square dances begin at 7:30 PM with Pre-rounds at 7:00 

We dance the 2nd and 4th Saturdays, Sept through May (with some exceptions*)

Call (317) 435-8276 for more information

2024 Schedule        

2023 Schedule


Date (Saturday) Caller Cuer Theme
1/14/2023 Gary Hutton Bonnie Lawrence  Winter Dance
1/28/2023 Doug Cline Jan Smith Polka Dot Dance
2/11/2023 Gary Hutton Nancy Fulaytar Valentines Dance
2/25/2023 Dennis Clark Gary Hutton Funny Feet Dance
3/11/2023 Gary Hutton Nancy Fulaytar Wearin' the Green
3/25/2023 Tom Davis Gary Hutton Funny Hat Dance
4/8/2023 Gary Hutton Bonnie Lawrence Puttin' On the Glitz
4/22/2023 Travis Cook Gary Hutton Spring Dance
5/6/2023 Gary Hutton Gary Hutton Craft Fair - Free Dance
5/13/2023 Gary Hutton Nancy Fulaytor Elvis Dance
5/27/2023 Wes Fenton Gary Hutton Red, White and Blue
6/10/2023 Darin Henry Gary Hutton Remember When
7/8/2023 Gary Hutton Jan Smith Summer Dance
8/12/2023 Tony Kincade Bonnie Lawrence Redneck Dance
9/9/2023 Jack Pladdys Gary Hutton National Teddy Bear Day
9/23/2023 Kristy Williams Gary Hutton Patsy Cline Dance
10/14/2023 5 National Callers   Callerlab Fund Raiser
10/25/2023 Tim Tyl Gary Hutton Special Wednesday Dance
10/28/2023 Tom Davis Gary Hutton Halloween Dance
11/11/2023 Gary Hutton Bonnie Lawrence Honoring Veterens
11/25/2023 Gary Hutton Nancy Fulaytar New Dancers & Use Clothing Sale
12/9/2023 Gary Hutton Nancy Fulaytar Christmas Dance

2024 Schedule

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Date (Saturday) Caller Cuer Theme
1/13/2024 Gary Hutton Bonnie Lawrence Snowflake Dance
1/27/2024 Wes Fenton Gary Hutton Tacky Dance
2/10/2024 Gary Hutton Nancy Fulaytar Rock & Roll
2/24/2024 Wes Fenton Gary Hutton February Fun
3/9/2024 Gary Hutton Bonnie Lawrence Mardi Gras
3/23/2024 Tom Davis Gary Hutton Easter Bonnet Dance
4/13/2024 Gary Hutton Nancy Fulaytar April Showers
4/27/2024 Janet Lewis Gary Hutton Spring Bling
5/4/2024 Gary Hutton Gary Hutton Craft Fair - Free Dance
5/11/2024 Gary Hutton Bonnie Lawrence When I Grow Up
5/25/2024 Keith Dishman Gary Hutton Race to the Wranglers
6/8/2024 Darin Henry Gary Hutton Wild West Dance
7/13/2024 Gary Hutton Gary Hutton Wear Your SD Shirts
8/10/2024 Gary Hutton Gary Hutton Olympics Dance
9/14/2024 Gary Hutton Nancy Fulaytar Support Your School
9/28/2024 Travis Cook Gary Hutton National Ask a Stupid
Question Day
10/12/2024 Gary Hutton Bonnie Lawrence Fall Dance
10/26/2024 Tom Davis Gary Hutton Haloween Dance
11/9/2024 No Dance State Convention  
11/16/2024 6 National Callers   Callerlab Fundraiser
11/23/2024 Woods / Woods Gary Hutton Thanksgiving Dance
12/14/2024 Gary Hutton Bonnie Lawrence New Dancers /
Used Clothing Dance

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